Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Report-Week 25

We had another good week here, here's a look at what we did...

Language Arts: Princess read a book about Columbus, which she enjoyed. We completed two more lessons in Spelling Workout and one in Writing with Ease. We also squeezed in alittle First Language Lessons.
Math: We contiued to work on multiplying tens and hundreds this week and things went very well. Princess is gaining confidence in the multiplication department, so we ended the week with a test. She passed with flying colors, so I guess that means that she does get it after all :).
Science: We talked about oceans this week. The neat thing was that when we looked at the pages about life under the sea, princess was able to point out fish she had actually seen when she went snorkling with her Dad. I love those moments when life collides with learning and your child sees that what they are studying is really true! We also did an experiment on ocean currents. Here's a look at what happened when we added cold colored water to hot clear water...
Pretty cool, huh?

History: We continued to read Pedro's journal this week. Princess couldn't believe that Columbus though America was India. I explained to her that in those days they didn't have the maps we have now; on their maps they didn't have the Americas. She responded with, "Well why didn't Leif Ericson just tell them, he knew about it". I had to snicker a bit but seriously I'm glad that she's remembering things we have studied and making connections. We'll just have to work on the whole timeline aspect of it :).

Other: We actually got to some of the extras this week. We looked at a painting by Michaelangelo and listened to a concerto by Telemann. Princess declared that Telemann was much better than Scarletti and I have to say that I agree!
Education of Me: I managed to read two Acts of MacBeth this week. So far, I'm loving this play. I'll write more about it later.

Well, that's our week, hope you had a good one too! Read more at the Weekly Wrap Up.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

We are reading Macbeth right now in our literature studies. I must say that my boys are not enjoying as much as I thought they would. We will finish next week and see what they think then. :)

Enjoyed reading your Wrap-Up post.

cellista said...

Looks like a great week! I love Macbeth, it's one of my favorite Shakespeare plays (along with Henry V). I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Giggly Girls said...

Fun week! And what a cool experiment.

Mackenzie always gets angry at Columbus for getting so much credit for discovering something that found first. I told her the squeaky wheel gets the grease. LOL

Pursuing Wisdom said...

Your comment about "when life collides with learning" was SO profound today as I catch up on everyone's that I follow. We've just returned from 5 days with grandparents who are highly educated and very public schooled. And yet, I'm undaunted when I see those moments "when life collides with learning." This is right. I see them learning the difficult stuff and excelling in what these 3 kids of mine do well. Enjoy your mom-ments with her and the "WONDER" in her face.