Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly Report-Week 1

Yes, we are already back to school again. We arrived back from our trip and I sat down with a calendar and realized that we will be traveling so much that we need to go to more of a year round approach. So when we are home, we will be doing school, which princess is excited about because she loves school! This was technically the first week of her second grade year, here's the rundown...

Language Arts: Princess spent our break reading up a storm, but she's not so keen on the first book I assigned to her for school, The Sword and the Tree. I'm not really sure why she doesn't like it, but she is reading and understanding it and she is going to finish it. Meanwhile she's devouring Boxcar Children books on the side. We also started WWE and so far so good. I really like this approach, so we shall see how it plays out. For our read-aloud we began with The Little Princess. I love this book and I can't wait to watch princess get caught up in it!

Math: We spent the week reviewing Unit 1 and part of Unit 2 in Singapore's Primary Math 2B. I was pleasantly surprised at how much princess retained. Looks like I won't have to reteach anything and we are ready to move on to multiplication/division by 5 next week.

Science: We had the rare opportunity to observe the eclipse two weeks ago (for us it wasn't that spectacular because our sky was extremely overcast, but it did get dark for a full 3 minutes in the middle of the morning), so in honor of that, we began our year with Astronomy. This week we talked about the solar system and princess is looking forward to recreating it on our wall!

History: We talk about the fall of Rome, the Celts and the Anglo Saxons. We also did some notebooking and added to our timeline, here's a picture of the timeline (it's alittle blank right now)...

I'm really pleased that we went with Story of the World again this year, even though I miss Sonlight, it really is a better fit for our family. We also began to read Tales of King Arthur as part of our look at historical literature. Princess thought that it was cool that he just had to pull out a sword to become king.

Education of Me: Since princess has begun reading independently, I am taking the time to read my books. I began with Stories from Beowulf by HE Marshall. I've finished about half so far and I like it. It's a easy to read version, but it is a bit gory and I'm glad that I put it off until our next history rotation. Hopefully this year I will do a better job at keeping up with my own education! If you click on the reading list tab at the top of this blog you can see my plans.

Hope all is well with you and yours, thanks for reading about our week. You can check out other reports at the Weekly Wrap-up.