Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekly Report--Week 31 & 32

This really should be called a biweekly report because that's what I have been doing lately! Even though this blog hasn't been very busy lately, we have been.

Language Arts: Princess has been reading Frog and Toad chapter books in school over the past two weeks. We also finished reading Wheel on the School. This is hands down my favorite book of the year! We finished Lesson 4 & 5 of Word Attack and have read 4 more chapters of Grammar Land, so far so good!

Math: We wrapped up our review of addition and subtraction and then moved onto multiplication by 4. I'm thinking that we will finish this unit and then work on Miquon's blue book over the summer.
Science: We have been working through Great Scientists of the Ancients. This is a book I put together from the free resources on the web. It contains information on the scientists that were alive during the Ancient time period. I hope to have it ready to put up at my Yahoo group later this week. I plan to make it freely available as a resource for others to use, we will see how it goes!
History: We've continued talking about Rome and about Jesus. We did the mosaic cross project from the SOTW AG. Here's what it looked like...
Hope you all have had a great few weeks, thanks for reading about ours!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Report

Moving right along...

Language Arts: We started Lesson 5 of Word Attack and decided to ditch the word list and just use the copywork. I'm having her copy the sentences and then we look at the sentence together and point out the spelling rule we are studying. It's working much better than the lists so far. Princess's reading is moving right along and we are enjoying reading The Wheel on the School out loud.

Math: We are working throught Singapore PM 2B Unit 1, which is addition and subtration review. So far, so good. We will wrap the unit up next week.

Science: This is our last week of Biology for the Grammar Stage since we already completed the plant section last year. I'm not sure what we will do next week, probably lots of nature study.

History: We met Julius Caesar and watched him die. Princess decided that he was very selfish and he shouldn't have been that way. What a great intro to Rome!

Other: We are still studing Van Gogh and Mozart. Next week we will get to art, I hope!

Hope you had a great week too!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekly Report-Week 29

We tried an experiment this week, I did not have a schedule!!! If you knew me, you'd know how huge this is as I tend to overplan everything. I just wanted to see what we happen if we did the next thing instead of making sure we checked all the boxes. It turns out that the ground won't open up and swallow me whole if I don't plan every last minute of our school time. Go figure! I did however learn that I do need to plan a basic outline of where we are going, just maybe not every day, moment by moment. Which is good because I need all the time I can get these days! So here's what we did accomplish this week...

Language Arts: Princess read Owl at Home and Mouse Tales this week. We also completed lesson 4 with Word Attack. In Grammar Land we read about adjectives. We are really enjoying this book and princess is learning about the parts of speech in a sneaky way :).

Math: We continued reviewing the strategies for solving addition/subtraction problems. We also played a few games from the Home Instructor's Guide which she really enjoyed.

Science: We spend the week discussing reproduction and the similarites in families. We did a picture family tree project and then examined the similarities and differences between our extended family. This was alot of fun, but sad too, since we miss everyone alot!

History: We read about gladiators and Julius Caesar. It was a good week and I'm looking forward to spending some time in Rome!

Other: We are about halfway through The Wheel on the School and it's a big hit here. This is one of my favorite books from this year, so I'm glad that princess is enjoying it. We also enjoyed listening to more of Mozart and looking at another VanGogh painting.

Hope you had a great week, thanks for reading about ours.