Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Curriculum We've Used

2010-2011 School Year (3rd grade)
  • Language Arts-Classical Writing Aesop A, Spelling Workout B & C, Read-Alouds and readers that coordinate with history
  • Math-Singapore Math 3B & 4A
  • Science-Chemistry for the Grammar Stage
  • History-Story of the World 3: Early Modern Times and US State Study
  • Latin-Prima Latina
  • Other-Artist/Composer Study, Poetry, Shakespeare, Art Adventures at Home, Typing Instructor for Kids, Recorder, PE class
2009-2010 School Year (2nd grade)

  • Language Arts-Writing with Ease, Dictation day by day (switched to Spelling Workout), Good English Book 1 (switched to First Language Lessons) Read-Alouds & early chapter books
  • Math-Singapore Math 2B & 3A
  • Science-Earth Science/Astronomy for the Grammar Stage
  • History-Story of the World 2: The Middle Ages and selected literature
  • Other-Artist/Composer Study, Poetry, Shakespeare and Art Adventures at Home
2008-2009 School Year (1st grade)

  • Language Arts: Easy Readers, Explode the Code, With Pencil and Pen & First Language Lessons, Copywork & Narrations
  • Math: Singapore Math with alittle Miquon for good measure
  • Science: Biology for the Grammar Stage by Elemental Science, Nature study
  • Sonlight's Core 1 along with Story of the World: Ancient Times for History, Bible & Read-Alouds
  • Others: Art Adventures at Home, Artisit/Composer Study, Lamb's Shakespeare, Fairy Tales, Ballet

2007-2008 School Year (Kindergarden)

  • Language Arts: Hooked on Phonics, Explode the Code, Sonlight LA
  • Math: Singapore Math
  • Science: library books & experiments
  • Sonlight Core K

2006-2007 School Year (K-4)

  • Abeka K4 program


homemama said...

I've never heard of dictation day by day. Where did you get it at (and how are you liking it?) I need to find a dictation resource for next year. Thanks! Love your blog, by the way :)

Paige said...

I found it for free at Google books. I really liked the program, up until I got pregnant and had a surgery with complications. I no longer have the time to prepare it for each week. I was writing out the spelling rules that went with the dictations and creating a list to use for a Friday test. I would still recommend it, life just got in the way of using it for us :).