Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free Stuff

I enjoy planning and scheduling (I know, hard to believe, but still very true). This post is to share some of the files I have created. All the files are pdfs and for now they are hosted at my HSLaunch page. (If you have difficulty downloading these from HS Launch, all of the files are also available at my yahoo group-link in the side bar.) Here's a list of what I have there, I will continue to update these as I create them, so check back for more!

Artist/Composer Studies:
Shakespeare Study:
Story of the World:

State Study:



Chelle said...

I really like how you've set up your SOTW studies paige.
& wishing that you were a Core ahead of me :-)

We l.o.v.e to plan too.

Hope said...

I can't download anything from File Factory because I'm on a Mac! Sigh.

Paige said...

Hope, the files are also available at the Elemental Science Yahoo Group. There's a link to it on the righthand sidebar.

nestof3 said...

Thanks for the great files. I'll be looking at the Shakespeare one tonight.

Anne of Alamo said...

Thank you, just came from well trained mind forums and this is such a help (SotW 1)!
Thank you, thank you and again, thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paige!! These are wonderful:)