Friday, May 30, 2008

The Trumpet of the Swan

I thought for the summer I'd "review" the books that we are reading aloud. This week we read The Trumpet of the Swan by EB White. Princess wanted me to read the whole book in one sitting, but five chapters at a time was about all my voice could handle! We loved this book!!!! I don't remember reading it as a child and I'm sorry that I missed it. Louis was such an interesting character and it was fun to follow his struggles and his journies. I also enjoyed Louis father, you could just picture how proud and regal he was. I highly recommend this book! Here are a few questions that I asked princess(and her answers) about the book...

Was the book good or bad?

Who was your favorite character?

What was your favorite part of the book?
When Serena fell in love with Louis and later they had babies.

What did you think was the funniest part of the book?
When Serena put her head on Louis's head

Would you read the book again?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekly Report-Last week of SL Core C!!

Today is princess's 6th birthday! She has no school today because of it and because we finished Core C yesterday!! We plan on continuing math and reading throughout the summer. We may do a unit study or two, it depends on how busy we get! Anyways here's a wrap up of our last week of the 2007-2008 school year...

LA: Everything is finished for the year! Princess has been enjoying picking out books from the library and reading them to me. I just got information on our library's summer reading program and we plan on participating in that again this summer.

Math: Princess recently took the CAT for first grade and only got one question wrong on the math section(she did above avg. on the LA portion too)! So I think that she has the concepts down better than I thought she did. We have been continuing working with Miquon and her memory of her math facts had increased. We will start 1B again next week rather than waiting for fall.

Core C: This week we read about Granny Han and A Grain of Rice. I have to say that this has been my favorite week of the Core. It was a great ending! It left princess wanting more, more, more. We will probably begin Core 1 in August, if I can wait that long!

Science: We have been flower hunting, reading about ducks, counting milipedes on hiking trails and identifying birds with friends. It has been fun and I'm surprised how much princess already knows about science.

I hope you had a great week and a wonderful school year! I will keep posting sporatically throughout the summer, but look forward to "seeing" you all regularly next fall! Thanks for reading....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekly Report--Sonlight Core C week 33 & 34

Well I missed last week because I have been busy planning! We are going to do two summer units(books and projects around a theme) this summer. So I had to put together a unit on China(the subject I chose) and one on butterflies(the subject princess chose). Check, that's done! I also have been planning for next year. I've been putting together my binder(which looks awesome!), looking for used curriculum, setting our goals and creating notebook and vocabulary sheets to use next year. Can you tell I like to be organized? What I learned this year was that if I don't plan for it in advance, it won't get done the way it should. So hopefully next year I will do better! All in all I am very excited about next year, it will be our third year homeschooling and I feel like we have finally found all the curriculum that will work for us. It's going to be a fun year! Now I just need to plan a christmas study and a chemistry curriculum, it never ends! With all the planning, we did manage to get some school in, here's a look...

LA: Princess has been chosing books from the library and is excited that she can actually read them. Since we have finished our reading program for this year and I don't want to start on next years, I have just had her read something of her choosing everyday. She's doing well and I'm very proud of the progress she has made. I plan on continuing this throughout the summer.

Math: We have been reviewing what we learned using Miquon. I also plan on continuing math throughout the summer. Princess loves it and I don't want her to forget all that we have learned this year.

Core C: We have been studying missionaries, some of them I'd never heard of. It has been interesting to read about them. We also finished House at Pooh Corner. When I closed the book for the last time, princess said, read it again, read it again! I'm glad that she enjoyed it.

Science: We talked a little about the states of matter, but mostly we have been checking out Let's Learn and Find Out Books from the library. Princess chooses three things she's interesting in learning more about and then we go find books about it. It has been fun, but I'm glad that we will have more structure when we start next year.

Hope you all had a great two weeks! Please scroll down and look at my used curriculum for sale (or trade) to see if you can use any of it. I'd love to have it out of the house! Thanks for reading!