Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly Report

We are in the home stretch now, only two more weeks to go. Here's what last week looked like...

Language Arts: We tried something new this week. I split up the reading time into oral and silent. Princess has been reading to herself for a while now, but only when she chooses. I figured it was time to add it to our school day. So she read and I read, then we talk about what we just read. So far, so good, plus it's nice to get some reading done for a change. It should help me to complete the last book on my Education of Me list.

Math: We worked through the section on multiplication by 4. We also played a few games on the way!

Science: We continued to work through my new book, Great Scientist of the Ancients (which you can download from my yahoo group here). It's been alot of fun to learn about these scientists who were also philosphers and mathmeticians. I have to admit that I have learned alot as well!

History: This week we talked about the beginning of the end for the Roman Empire. We talked about what it meant to be so large and how the empire was split in two. We have only two spaces left on our timeline, I can't believe what a wonderful year this has been and how much princess has retained. Thanks SWB for writing Story of the World!

Others: We continued to read the Lamb's Tale's version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Princess is enjoying this one and so am I. We also have recently acquired a recorder, which I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. It's quite an ear-piercing instrument when played at random, but hopefully with a bit of training I will begin to enjoy hearing her play instead of running for the Advil!

Hope you had a great week, thanks for reading about ours!

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Makita said...

Ah! I still have my recorder from when I was in the 4th grade - the kiddos ask me for it occasionally. I really need to start teaching them how to read music! :D