Friday, April 24, 2009

Unveiling of the Plans...

Ok, the plans are set, the principal says no more changes! Have I mentioned that I have really agonized over these decisions? This is what we are doing...

Language Arts:
Writing with Ease
Word Attack
Readers and Read-Alouds mostly from Sonlight

Singapore Math

Story of the World 2: Middle Ages (I will try to post my plans for this over at my yahoo group next month)

Science:(this is the one thing that I never had a question about)
Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage by Elemental Science

Others: (I'll try to post these plans also as they get done)
Artist/Composer Study I put together using AO's schedule
Poetry using AO's schedule
Shakespeare using Lamb's Tales and BBC videos
Art Adventures at Home

I think that's it! It was hard for me to decided not to use Sonlight next year, but I realized that I was going to butcher the schedule so much that it was better for our family to go with Story of the World and use Sonlight books to fill in. I'm looking forward to next year, now let's just hope the books actually get here :)!

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