Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Report-March 13, 2009

We finished up week 20 this week, only three more weeks left in our term. Which means I need to get going on planning next terms artist/composer studies and our character study. I have an idea of what we will be doing, it's just a matter finding time to write it all out. Which is a problem, because between trying to learn a new language, dealing with computer frustrations(I can't get my Adobe to work right) and putting together the last bit of my chemistry program time is nearly non-exsistant here. Deep breath, this to shall pass!! Sorry about the slight vent, now on to the weekly run-down.

Language Arts: Princess finished up another Amelia Bedelia book this week. We completed the review lesson in Explode the Code. We also read some poetry about spring, which is slowly trying to arrive here.
Math: We wrapped up our two facts for multiplication quicker than I had planned, so we spent the rest of the week playing math games and working on mental math. We also did a few pages in the Miquon blue book on odd and even numbers.
Science: We began our look at the human body this week! I was ready for a change of pace. We talked about cells, hair and skin this week. We also did an experiment that looked at the ridges on our fingers and why they were important to us. Here's a look at her sheet from that...
History: We hung out with the Greeks this week, mainly in Athens and Sparta. Nothing much to report here except that princess is really enjoying our timeline and starting to make some good connections about the flow of history from it.

Others: We did our nature study, which you can read about below. We also started to read The Winter's Tale from Lamb's Tales of Shakespeare this week. It's a new one for me, so I'm looking forward to it. Finally, we finished our three week mural project, framed it and hung it up in the school area. I'm so proud of the job princess did (I only helped on the tree-she did the rest)! Here's how it looks...

I hope you had a great week also, now I'm off to get some more studying in!


Wee Pip said...

Great week! I love the mural, very nice! I should read Lamb's Tales of Shakespeare to my kids - we're studying Middle Ages, so I guess the time is right:) I would love to see what you develop for chemistry!

Julia said...

Beautiful picture! I love all her vivid colors.

Tolle Lege Christian Academy said...

The mural is beautiful!


Ami said...

I love that mural. The colors are so cheerful and nice perspective on that sun!