Friday, March 13, 2009

Outdoor Hour Challenge #44-Rabbits

We are back with the outdoor hour challenges and today's went well. I never really thought I would have to do nature study in an urban environment. We have always lived in the country or very near to it. Now living in the big city overseas I'm starting to understand that urban nature study requires that you take advantage of all the reasources availble! So we began our study by going over some facts from the Handbook of Nature Study. We then watched these two videos on you-tube to observe rabbits in the wild and baby rabbits.
Finally princess drew rabbit tracks in her nature journal and colored a picture of a rabbit to go with it. We talked about what she had learned and put some of that in her journal. Here's a picture of the page we made.
Not exactly a walk in the woods looking for nature, but we did walk to lunch afterwards. Seriously, although our nature study is taking on a new form, she is still learning about nature and that's the whole point anyways.


Tolle Lege Christian Academy said...

What a great idea to approach nature study this way! Very creative.

Good luck with all of your ongoing projects and planning! Wishing you continued success. (I meant to say that when I posted about the mural in the post above. :-) )


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I think most of nature study is a frame of mind anyway. We knew we wouldn't see any rabbits either but now if we ever do get the chance, we will be prepared with a little foreknowledge.

Love the journal...thanks for sharing,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom