Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekly Report 9/15/08-9/19/08

What is this? I'm talking about the value of nature study and natural language learning (see yesterday's posts). I'm starting to sound like a Charlotte Mason fan. Have I gone over to the dark side?(ha,ha) I love the classical model as described by Susan Wise Bauer, it would have been the perfect education for me, but I'm not educating me, I'm educating my daughter. She's more creative, she learns quickly if she enjoys it, drill and kill doesn't work for this kid, not that the classical model is all drill and kill. I'm just saying that the more I learn, the more I am able to tailor her education to her interests. It's not about being a fan of Charlotte Mason, Susan Wise Bauer, Ruth Beechick or anyone else for that matter. It's about finding what works to give your child the skills to learn and to develop within them a love of learning. Just some food for thought!

In other news princess was sick this week so a few things got cut out. She's feeling better today so we are going to a friends to make the chicken mummy! Since we won't get much school done today, I'll go ahead and give you our week in review...

Language Arts-Princess read Mrs. Brice's Mice and we practiced spelling wordS with the short a sound. She only did one copywork this week, but we did make a book on ancient Egypt.

Math-We only got two days of math done this week. We talked about place value and comparing numbers within 1000. We did play some games like roll the hundreds on the days we didn't work in the book.

History-We read Tut's Mummy this week. We also made a book to review what we have learned over the past 5 weeks. Today we will go to start the chicken mummy project which princess and I are looking forward to! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of it this weekend.

Read-Aloud-We finished Homer Price today. Both of us enjoyed this book and I'm glad we read it. I never would have picked it on my own, thank you Sonlight! Next week, we will start Mr. Popper's Penguins.

Science-We did manage a full week of science since it is princess's favorite subject! We studied pandas, polar bears and chimpanzee's. Princess was happy to put her first animal on the artic poster! Also, since I have scheduled day 5 light in my curriculum we are able to do nature studies, see what we did in the post for the outdoor hour challenge below. You really ought to check them out!

Hope you had a great week! Thanks for letting me share ours with you.


Rhonda said...

Sorry your daughter was sick this week-hopefully she will be much better this coming week.
I so totally understand the whole CM/Beechick/Classical education thing!! I strive to educate each of my children in the style that best suits them and I don't always do all 3 the same way. I lean more toward CM in many areas(nature study, short lessons but lots of subjects, etc.) but I love the Beechick style LA and areas of classical have always pulled me in.
I'm sure you'll find what best suits your dd.
I look forward to seeing your project! :)

Vix said...

How was Homer Price? We'll be starting Homer this week.

Paige said...


Homer Price was good, the last chapter was the only one that my daughter didn't like. It moves kinda slow, but we still read it!

Karen said...

I'm glad she's feeling better. Keep putting fresh salt and baking soda on the mummy so it will stay dry. Looks like you had a nice week.

I agree that finding what works for you and your child is much more important than adhearing to a particular philosophy.

Check out the arctic wolves while you are learning about the arctic. I learned this week that they have black skin just like a polar bear to keep them warm. I love learning new things.


Lindsey said...

I am like Rhonda in that I get the classical/CM/Beechick thing. I wanted so badly to do classical but I think my daughter is more apt to enjoy and learn from CM method. It was nice to hear I am not alone.

I'm glad you had a good week and I hope your daughter feels better soon. Have a good weekend!

zelda said...

Looks like a great week except for feeling punk. Love the chicken mummy.