Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekly Report 9/1/08-9/5/08

Here's our week in review...

LA--Princess is a week ahead in reading and I was beginning to worry that I chose books that were to easy. This week she slowed down a bit and it finally being somewhat challenges in her reading. Other than that, we are loving All About Spelling and First Language Lessons. We also started memorizing Days of the week, here a picture of the sheet we have on the wall to remind us to work on it everyday!

Math--Princess finished Singapore's PM 1B! Congrats to her!

History--We spent the week focusing on the middle kingdom of Egpypt. Princess made braclets and a monkey doll (you can see from the picture it's not completely authentic, but she had fun!). We also did some notebooking and copywork. We finished the week talking about the Rosetta Stone and how it unlocked the mysteries of the ancient Egyptians

Read-Aloud--We finished Charlotte's Web this week. I admit it, I had to choke back the tears when Charlotte died. I never thought I'd be on of those Mom's who cried during read-aloud, but for some reason I did. Princess however handled it well.

Science--We continued our study of mammals. Here's a picture of one of our habitat posters with some of the animals in it!

Art--I am so excited about the art curriculum we are using this year, it's Art Adventures at Home. There are three levels and each level has three years of instruction in it, that's 9 years total. It has been easy for me and so much fun for princess. She has an outlet for her creativity and I feel like I am teaching her something about art at the same time. This week we talked about how we can use lines to tell a story that is in our imagination. Princess chose to draw her trip to space complete with a moon made out of cheese! Here's the picture (I have green alien ears and her dad has blue alien ears because that's our favorite colors).

Hope you had a great week too, thanks for reading!


Vix said...

We did the Days of the Week poem this week too! :) But we didnt memorize it. Glad you had a happy full week.

When did you start adding STOW?

Fellow Sonlighter

Paige said...


I've been doing SOTW-1 with SL-1 from the beginning. If you click on the free downloads on the sidebar of my blog, you can see the schedule I am using.


Karen said...

sounds like you had a great week. I love the little moon picture.