Monday, June 16, 2008

Help me find out what this is?

We have this tree near our apartment, it belongs to the complex. Nobody has sprayed it and nobody, except the birds, has picked off of it. Are they cherries? If so what kind? Help, I have never seen a cherry tree in real life!


Jean in Wisconsin said...

My guess is that these will mature into a sour cherry rather than the sweet, Bing-type cherry. They are turning orangish-red instead of dark purplish-red of the Bing. Feel them to see when they get soft enough to taste. You'll know by the flavor if they are sweet or sour!

I have the Nanking bush cherries which are a sour variety. I need to start watching them or the birds will have them before I know they are ready to pick! I'll make pies and jams from mine.


Paige said...

Thanks Jean! I tasted one yesterday and they were sour, but not too bad, we still ate them! I'm going to make some cherry crisp tonight. I'll post tommorrow to let you know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

It's a sweet cherry. (So, if they taste a bit sour, they aren't "done" yet.)

Remember Bing cherries are a combo: