Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly Report--Week 30 Sonlight Core C

Ok, so this week has not been the best for me! See my rant below, princess won't even hug me at this point because the poison ivy is so gross! Despite my misery, I got the new samples up and we actually did some school! Here's what we accomplished...

LA: Princess finished the HOP green book!!! Only the blue level to go. I am amazed at all the words she now knows how to read. What a joy it has been to be a part of teaching her to read.

Math: Princess has finished addition within 20 this week and understands it so much better than before.

Core C: The week we read about David Livingston and Harriet Tubman. Princess has enjoyed Hero Tales so much more than she did at the beginning of the year. We have finished Wizard of Oz and I'm looking forward to starting House at Pooh Corner next week.

Science: We talked about seasons this week, focusing on Spring, since it has arrived! We also took a Spring Photo Safari. Princess took pictures of all the flowers we saw as we walked through the neighborhood. Here is one of her pictures.

Hope you had a great week too, thanks for reading about ours! Blessings...

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Tonia said...

Congrats to you daughter for finishing another reading level! It is so exciting sharing these learning adventures with our children. Glad you had a good week - in spite of the poison ivy!