Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poison Ivy Rant

Ok, so I have poison ivy and it stinks! It itches, it hurts and I look like a freak so going out in public is not an option! It's all over my neck and parts of my face, stomach and hands. How you ask? Because I forgot all about poison ivy! I haven't had it in 25 years! I didn't realize what it was, so I didn't wash it, instead I itched it and then touched other places. NOT a good idea! This is far worse than I remember it being!!! The only thing that seems to bring relief is blowing a hot air on it using my hair dryer. I admit this is very strange, but it works, so I'm blow drying my face. I guess it could be worse. Here's some pics to prove it. I never thought I'd be posting this, but in the name of science...

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Lorna said...

You poor thing! I remember my niece got a terrible rash with a horse fly bite allergy. She was all swollen up. Unfortunately we were on holiday and she had to go back through passport control looking nothing like her photograph. She was so self-conscious she wore a big floppy hat and huge sunglasses. She looked so suspicious. Unbelievably she got through without a question!
Get well soon!