Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly Report--Week 24 of Core C

What a week, it all started with open house at princess's dance studio where we got a chance to see what she has been working on. I was so impressed with how much she has learned this year in ballet, tap and gymnastics.
LA: Last week princess finished the HOP red book, so we have taken a light reading week. We have gone back and re-read some of the books from the yellow and orange level. Princess was excited to see how much easier they were this time around! She also performed the poem "The Caterpillar" for her dad and he was impressed.

Math: We hit a wall earlier this week in 1B and after much discussion with hubby we decided to have her redo 1A to reinforce her skills. So we ordered the workbook and while we are waiting for it to arrive, we have been playing math games and skip counting. It has been a fun break for us both!
History: We have been reading about jungles from Usborne's Wild Places which princess has enjoyed. We also have been reading books on Washington DC to prepare for our upcoming trip.

Science: We are working through the plants unit of Biology for the Grammar Stage(princess couldn't wait for next year and neither could I!) This week we learned about flowers, here is a picture of the narration page we completed. I can't wait for things to begin to bloom around here so that we can do our annual spring flowers book!

Watch for my Science Experiment of the week available this Monday!


Kat said...

We already have things blooming here...our woods are full of daffodils...and my tulip are coming up...and there are buds on the azeala's a great time to study plants as the world comes alive again!

my5wolfcubs said...

I think the buds are the best too! :) Good week -- glad you had fun playing math games!
I'm looking forward to your science experiment!

Calming Tea said...

This is lovely. It sounds like you love your dd so much! I love the picture of her ballet recital. The way she is looking down was a good shot. If you live in a wintery place maybe next winter you can give her a little greenhouse for Christmas. :o)

Tina said...

What an adorable picture of your dd.

We are enjoying science right now too. :o) Can't wait to see what your experiment is.