Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Report-Week 9

I can't believe that we have finished our first quarter already! I knew that we were starting early so that we could take off while we are in the States, but it just seems so early to have finished the first 9 weeks. I guess time flies when your having fun! Here's what we accomplished this week...

Language Arts: We spent the week reviewing our last 5 spelling lessons. We also played spelling baseball (not a hit) and spelling bingo (definitely a hit). We learned several more Latin nouns this week with Prima Latina. We also completed another analysis and imitation week with Aesop and several KISS grammar lessons. Princess read Stone Fox, which she loved. We also started reading Farmer Boy which princess has enjoyed, but I have found terribly boring to read, hopefully it will get better.

Math: We learned about liters and milliliters this week. This was our first section in the capacity unit and princess handled it well, but then again metric units are so much easier!

Science: We started studying the metalloid group. Princess was very interested to find out where we can find the elements boron and silicon. She still thinks that its cool that we are learning about what things are made of.

History: We studied Charles the 3rd and the 4th. We also looked at the Great Fire in London. Here's a project that princess did all on her own this week..
Other: We're still settling in, so none of the extras got done this week.

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Pursuing Wisdom said...

Did the tv show spoil us for Laura Ingalls Wilder books? I feel the same way about reading those. But, we're moving west and I've just checked out the little house books on audio cd to listen. Maybe I can interest the kids in Sherlock Holmes mysteries and not bore them to death with settlers' stories. Maybe a field trip would help...