Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Report-Last one of second grade!

We did it! We've finished the work I wanted to finish for second grade and with a few days to spare before the baby comes. Which is good because his birthdate was moved up to April 29th. Here's a run down of the last little bit of second grade...

LA: Princess finished reading The Corn Grows Ripe which she really enjoyed. We finished up to lesson 16 in Spelling Workout, we'll pick this back up again next year. We also took the final test for Writing With Ease. I'm very pleased with all that she learned this year in Writing with Ease and we'll incorporate some of the principles when we use Classical Writing next year.

Math: Princess spent the first part of the week in review. I gave her the 3A placement test, which she passed with flying colors, so onto 3B next year. Over our break, I'll have her work through the Miquon green book just to keep up her skills.

Science: We doubled up a few days and finished our earth science unit this week. Princess declared that science was her favorite subject this year, hope she'll enjoy chemistry just as much :).

Our other subjects were already finished for the year, so it was a relatively simple week for us. All in all we had a great year! I feel like we've found curriculums and teaching styles that work for us. I'm really proud of how princess is doing in school and look forward to starting third grade at the end of June! If you want to see our line up for third grade, just click on the curriculum tab at the top. Be sure to check out more weekly reports at the weekly wrap-up.


Merri said...

Yay, Paige, I am so proud of both of you! Can't wait to hear about the birth. Hoping everything goes well.

Tolle Lege Christian Academy said...

Congratulations on finishing up the year!!! :-) (and on Baby coming soon! :-) )


Jamie said...

Oh, wow! What an exciting time for your family!

wdworkman said...

Congratulations! Starting a new school year is always exciting, but finishing up the year is almost as fun. Good timing on Baby's part!

Janet W

aly in va said...

I'm know you were so happy to have had this done before the little one came, I couldn't even imagine.... Congrads to another fantastic year!