Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Report-Week 17

This was a tough week for me, as I was sick for most of it. When they say that if your pregnant it will take you twice as long to get over a cold or the flu, they mean it. Luckily princess knows our routine and she can do some of her work independently. I was able to give an assignment and then lay back down in bed while she completed it. Gotta love homeschooling! Thankfully after much rest I actually started to feel human again by the end of the week. Here's a look at what we accomplished this week...
Language Arts: Princess read A Minstrel in the Tower and we finished reading A Door in the Wall together. She completed another week of Writing with Ease and spelling.

Math: We continued to work on numbers within 10,000. Princess had a test this week which she passed without a problem, so we moved onto adding thousands. So far, so good.

Science: We read about astronauts this week and she did her narrations. We also managed to complete our experiment for the week on Friday. We learned all about the importance of insulators in the spacesuit which was fun!

History: We talked about Richard the Lionhearted, Jack Lackland, the Magna Carta and the legend of Robin Hood. We will start working on memorizing the first paragraph of the Magna Carta probably sometime after Christmas.
Other: We did get to our Artist/Composer studies this week. We also combined our art project on stencils with our history project of making a Crusaders Flag. We cut out a cross stencil and them painted red all around it, here's the result..
Education of Me: I was able to get some reading in this week. I started reading Stories from Dante by Mary McGregor and I'm impressed. There was a great, but brief bio of Dante and how he came to write the poem. It was a great introduction. The author has written such a readable version of Dante's Divine Comedy that I think we are going to fit this into our read-aloud schedule for this year rather than waiting.

Well that's what we accomplished this week, thanks for reading about it!

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Linda S. said...

What a lot you accomplished - even being sick! So glad your are feeling better, but be sure to take it easy. I'm the worst for pushing myself too hard and then having a set back. G and J are reading Door in the Wall and expect to finish this week. It's so cool to know you guys are reading many of the same books at about the same time as us. One more week for us then a full two week break - I'm so looking forward to it.