Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Report-Week 13

I'm acutally writing this on a Friday night (it's 8pm here), amazing! We had a tough beginning healthwise to our week, but a decent ending, so no complaints. Here's a look at what we did...

Language Arts: Princess read half of Viking Adventure this week. I had to crack up because I asked her to tell me what she read about, she claimed she didn't remember any of it. So I asked her what happened to Sigurd and she launched into a five minute summary of what she read about. I guess that it's all about asking the right questions :). We also read Viking Tales together and she completed another week of Writing with Ease.

Math: We spent part of the week on review and the other part on geometry and area. Princess is flying through the end of this book. I suspect that we will get to the final test by the end of the week, then onto the next one.

Science: We learned all about stars this week, thier life cycles and about galaxies. We also actually did our experiment this week. Lately I haven't been the best about getting those done, but I'm going to give myself a pass on it given how things have been lately.

History: We continued studying the Vikings and made our own paper Viking longship. Princess was upset that it didn't have a flat bottom since all Viking ships had flat bottoms, oh well, here's a look at the finished product...
We also talked about Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror this week.

Other: We completed our artist/composer studies and we did an art project this week. I'm telling you, I was on top of it this week! We finished the week off with a trip to the local snake farm. The principal declared a field trip day today because it's probably the last day he'll feel normal in awhile. He's got to take some nasty meds to get rid of a digestive pest that just wants to hang on. While we were there we got to see a demonstration of snake milking.
I can't believe how those guys handled the snakes, I would have been freaking out!

Education of Me: I am continuing to work my way through Piers Plowman and enjoying it. I'm thinking that it's going to take me another week and half to finish it and then I'll try my hand at writing a review.
Hope that you had a great week also! You can read about others at the Weekly Wrap-up.


Rhonda said...

Yes, ma'am you were very much on top of it this week. (Personally, I think you always are!!)
Good job on coaxing the narration out of Princess. I've always found I had to ask the right question to prompt my kids along.
Love the longship-you did a great job.
Sorry about your husband not feeling well, Paige.

Rhonda said...

I forgot to add, the snake exhibit looks really good. My kids would enjoy that but I would be standing very, very far away.

Christi said...

Isn't that the key, it's all about the right question. Would someone else take the time to find that question??? Probably not! I loved the longship and the snake pictures. I hope y'all have a great weekend and a blessed week. I also wish your husband a safe and quick recovery.

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

I know what you mean about asking the right question! Fox will get caught up on ONE WORD in a question and have no clue about how to answer. When I word it differently it's "Oh, why didn't you say that to begin with?" LOL I'm trying to teach him to find the meaning in other people's words. :) Great field trip!!

Giggly Girls said...

Hey, that longship looks familiar. I think we have a similar one sitting on our bookshelf. LOL

Sounds like a great week. Praying for your dh's speedy recovery.