Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Science Corner: Impromptu Nature Study

We live in a very big city, that's full of people, cars and buildings, which leaves little room for wide open spaces to view nature. Our parks, which are few and far between, are more concrete than grass. So needless to say that our nature studies have not flourished. This year I have felt the challenge to discover nature where we are at.

I have been growing an herb garden so that I can have some of the herbs that I am accustomed to. Let me first say that I don't have a green thumb, so we have had a few discussion on the many ways that mommy can kill a plant! Recently my majoram plant was returned from my friend the herb doctor who managed to save it for me. While it was at thier house, it began to bloom. I was disappointed because now I won't get as many leaves from it, but glad because at least he was able to revive it! What I didn't realize is that the flowers on my plant would attract butterflies all the way up to the sixth floor. We've had a great time observing the butterflies from our window, talking about how they eat, how we know their butterflies and looking them up online. I really couldn't have planned this one if I tried!

Another impromptu nature moment came from our vegetable bin. Apparently the conditions were right for my carrot to sprout, so I cut off the top and put it in a bowl with some water. Then I used the rest for Thai Chicken Wraps (super yummy!). A few days later my daugther reminded me that our carrot was growing and it should be planted, so we did. I'm not sure how this will work as I've never grown carrots, but so far it's been a lesson about where our food comes from and how there really is nature all around us.

Hope that this weeks Science Corner inspires you to look for nature study wherever you are!


Giggly Girls said...

Oh how neat!!!

I tried carrots once. We got one small carrot about half the size of my pinky. I think I picked it too soon. LOL

Rachel said...

So great, to use the moments and events of life to teach your gal! I hope she enjoys the carrot in a few weeks!

School for Us said...

What great impromptu science lessons! Enjoy. :-)