Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book Lover's Oversea's Paradise

When we first moved here we found a local bookstore that had a decent section of classical books in English. It closed for remodeling the week after I had found it, so I never got to take full advantage of it. Today it reopened! It's beautiful indside, picture marble floors(well fake ones at least), wood detailing (ok, it's paneling but it's still pretty!) and good lighting (this is a really big bonus here where we see the sun once every 10 days or so). It has three whole floor of books! Yes, I was drooling, but given the fact that I can't read 90 % of the books in there (I only know about 40 of the 10,000 characters); I made a beeline for the escalator that leads to the top floor which contains the imported book section.
My pulse quickened and I had to force myself not to run because this is what happens to a book lover without a library, it's the worst form of sensory deprivation! What I found was almost a dream come true, three whole, very long aisles devoted to classical literature in English (trust me, this is huge!). After I picked my jaw off the floor, I started hunting for the books that I plan on reading this year for my self-education. I wasn't able to find them all, but I found some good substitutions, like The Travels of Marco Polo and Piers Plowman, and a ton more books that I want to read in the future. It's a good thing that I had a budget because I could have easily left with every book they had in there.

I also found a section of abridged classics that are used to help teach the locals English. The books have some Chinese in them, but all in all they are perfect to use with princess. I snatched up these to use this year...
I also picked up a few for next year so that I won't have to worry about whether or not they will be there the next time I go back.

Now I have to find room for the books and change my reading list, plus I need to calm down from all the excitement. Does it make me certifiable that I'm still alittle giddy from the whole experience?


Rhonda said...

Oh, Paige, I'm so glad!! What a tremendous blessing for you. It is hard for me to imagine being without a library and I am so glad you were able to find some great books. I would have been wild with excitement too!!

Makita said...

How exciting for you Paige! I'm intrigued by the 3 in the picture. My daughter is learning Mandarin - is there an ISBN # or anything that could help me locate each these online? Thanks!

Paige said...


I send you an email with the information. Hope you can find them!