Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Report-Week 24

This week went well, I was able to finish Chemistry for the Grammar Stage (see the post below). This was also the last day of Term 2 of our school year. We finished the term with Charlotte Mason style exams for the first time. I thought I would share about that instead this week. I got the idea from this blog. We recorded her answers which was alot of fun for her and for me. I let her answer all the questions without me listening so she felt free with her responses. Here's the questions I askesd...

1. Tell something you learned about the Holy Spirit OR Forgiveness.
2. Recite Acts 5:29 OR Hebrews 5:8 OR Colossians 3:20
3. Which test of obedience do you find the hardest to pass and why?
4. Can you sing one of the hymns we have studied?

1. How many dimes are in $1.00?
How many quarters are in $0.50?
How many nickels are in $0.20?
2. I give you five boxes. Each box has two cookies in it. How many cookies did I give you?
3. Sally bought 356 peanuts on Monday and 167 peanuts on Tuesday. How many peanuts did she buy altogether?
4. There were 700 children at a park playing. 468 of them were boys. How many of them were girls?

1. Recite Mr. Nobody.

1. Which was your favorite read aloud book from this term? (Understood Betsy, Indian and the Cupboard, The Year of Miss Agnes, Follow My Leader) Why?
2. Can you retell a part of your favorite read aloud?

1. Write in your best handwriting…
“Good morning, Jimmy,” she greeted him. “My, we all looked spruced up.”

1. Tell me what you remember about Cyrus the Great OR King Nebuchadnezzar OR Alexander.
2. Describe how they built the Great Wall.
3. Show me China, Egypt, Babylon and Greece on the map.

1. Tell me something you have learned about the human body.
2. Tell me about your favorite animal.

Music & Art Appreciation:
1. Tell what you liked about Tchaikovsky’s music. Which piece was your favorite?
2. Which artist did you like better Haeckel or Audubon? Which was your favorite piece and why?

1. Which was your favorite story from Shakespeare this term? (The Tempest or A Midsummer's Night Dream)
2. Can you retell your favorite part?


Wee Pip said...

Your test questions reveal a very full week of learning:) I like how your questions are engaging and thought provoking for the student, and meant to draw out what they have learned through their responses.

Happymainemom said...

This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing it!