Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Report

We had a so-so week. We had a great field trip, but then I got the stomach flu. Dad stepped in to teach a few days for me and he did a good job, I just felt very disconnected to her schooling this week. So with that background, here's our week in review....

Language Arts: Princess read Amelia Bedelia and completed a lesson of Explode the Code. Very little grammar or copywork were done this week. We did begin a new read-aloud, the Year of Miss Agnes, one of my favorites when I pre-read books for this year.

Math: We completed our intro to division early in the week and then just spent time working on drill and solidifying addition and subtraction. I really wasn't up for teaching something new.

Science: We started the week with an experiment. We used suction cups to open the fridge and saw that the more we used the easier it was to open. Here's a picture from that...

I then tied this into a lesson about the starfish and how he uses his "suction cup" to open a clam shell. It was alot of fun, but after that not much science got done. We will be doing some science this weekend to make up for it which is ok with princess because she loves science.

History: We are back to the Greeks again. Princess got a real kick out of righting her name in Greek and declared that she wanted to study greek right now. I'm not quite ready for that, but it's on the list for later, maybe.

Other: We worked on our mural project but didn't get to finish it, maybe next week. Here's a picture of princess hard at work on it...
Other than that, we didn't do any of our typical extras this week due to the teacher being out of commission. Hope you all had a better week, thanks for reading about ours!


Dina said...

It stinks having the flu! Hope you're feeling better.

Rhonda said...

Paige: I am so sorry you've been sick. I hope by now that you are much, much better!!
It was a productive week in spite of your illness.
I've missed visiting with you-my computer is not working well and I have a hard time using it sometimes. Oh, well.
I'm thinking of your family.