Friday, November 14, 2008

Week Report-11/10/08-11/14/08

Another successful week, here's what it looked like...

LA: We decided to back off of All About Spelling for now and pick back up Explode the Code. I love AAS, but princess does not and I'm not sure that it's worth the battle right now. We will finish the ETC series and then move onto spelling. Princess is happy about the decision and I'm happy because we are still working on reinforcing phonics which was my goal for this year. Princess is still working through FLL. She also read Julius this week along with part of Oink and Pearl.

Math: We had our end of unit test and princess passed with flying colors. I'm so proud of her, her math skills have really taken off! So we will leave addition/subtraction within 1000 and move onto length. I know that princess will enjoy this unit because she is constantly measuring things around the house, she thinks it's great fun!

Science: We did the coolest experiment I have ever done this week! It didn't end up exactly as planned, but isn't that when real learning takes place? We dissolved an eggshell in vinegar, what was left was like a rubber ball and you could see the yolk, a bit strange, but very fun to look at. The egg was suppose to shrink, but instead it grew, good old osmosis. As a scienctist I should have predicted this, but alas, some of my smart genes left when I was pregnant with her. So now our egg is in salt to draw out the water and see if we can shrink the egg! Also we continued our study of birds. Here's an update on her habitat diorama...

History: We studied the Minoans this week. We also read a book on Atlantis because this was a subject that I was fascinated with as a kid. So naturally I wanted to share it with princess. Next week onto the Greeks!

Others: We finished Homer Price; the verdict: princess enjoyed it! For artist study we looked at Renior's Girl with a watering can, which is one of my favorite paintings of all times. For art we did some styrofoam printing which turned out to be a very neat project. We are really enjoying Art Adventures @ Home. Finally we started Pilgrim Stories, which I downloaded from Google books. We have both enjoyed this and I hate to say it, but I'm learning alot about the pilgrims and what led them to leave England.

Now off to see if we can get a little nature study into our week! Hope you had a wonderful week too!


Sheryl said...

This is my first time at your website. I'm glad I came. I too am homeschooling a first grade girl but I also have a little guy in tow. Loved the coniferous forest project. We do most of our science in our nature journals right now and love our nature walks.
Take Care

Rhonda said...

The diorama is great-she did a great job on that.
The experiment sounds like fun! I couldn't help but laught a little at your quote "some of my smart genes left when I was pregnant." That happened to me too!!!
Congratulate Princess on her great math test! :)

Dacia's School said...

I love your forest. My son would adore it!!!! Yes we will hopefully get to the History of Pizza next week, it's a lapbook I bought fr currclick and it looks pretty cool. I like your wednesday pic too I love nature!!!