Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our schedule

As promised, here's the nitty gritty of our schedule. I have to have everything in one place, so each week I pull out all my teacher's guides and fill out my Weekly Assignment Sheet, seen here. I have included the bubbles for our memory work, here's what the sheet looks like...
Then, each month I put together a memory work sheet that has our verses, math, poetry, science, foreign language phrases and history phrases for that month. That way all our memory work is in one place. Here's what that looks like...

So, now that I'm all prepared, here's what we do daily.
  • First I get up before her to get my thoughts in order, look over my plans and set out our books for the day. I also make my bed and get dressed. (princess does hers later).
  • Princess gets up, we eat breakfast together and then we do our Bible plans for the day at the kitchen table (I hope to add hymn study from AO into this slot later this year)
  • Next, on to math also at the table, I find this works best because princess is fresh. I usually try to start with a game, then teaching time and she does her workbook, while I do the dishes.
  • Then we read our poem for the day(from AO) and move to the couch for reading, first she reads to me, then I read to her(read-aloud)
  • After this we take a break-some days we take a walk, some days we go to the library, some days it's close to lunch so we eat before we start up again. (If it's time for lunch, I will have princess work on LA-either ETC or copywork while I prepare lunch and we will do FLL together before we eat. That way the three R's are always done before lunch.)
  • When we come back we work on language arts--see above
  • Then we do science and history, some days we do this before lunch, some days we do it after. If we are doing a big project with history, I try to save it for after lunch, it's just easier for us to work on a project with a full belly! Also if our science for the day is the Outdoor Hour Challenge we will save this for after lunch.
  • We finish up with our electives, almost always after lunch. Mon-Artist/Composer Study, Tue-Tuesday Tea(we read our Sonlight poetry and Shakespeare or a fairy tale), Wed-handicraft/library day(hopefully!), Thur-Art Skills(Art Adv. @ Home), Fri-Friday Freewrite ideas from Bravewriter
  • After we are done, princess take a rest time and I catch up on my work and cleaning for the day.

This is how our day works for us. Normally, we are done school by 1pm, 2 at the latest. The basic idea of our schedule is to get the necessary basics done first, that way if something unexpected does happen, we can handle it without losing out on the important parts of school. Hope that this post helps you as you seek to plan out your day.

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Shana B. said...

I was wondering if you would post the template for your monthly memory form on the yahoo group or possibly email it to me. I love the idea!