Friday, October 31, 2008

What we've been doing on vacation...

Just wanted to give a peek into our vacation week. Hope you had a great week!

Monday: We finished reading The Talented Clementine together. Princess gave me a makeover. She did my hair and painted my nails (blue, light pink and hot pink). We made sweet potato bread using Rhonda's recipe, it was delicious!

Tuesday: We missed school last Friday, so today we caught up. It was a bummer, but necessary!
Wednesday: We played littlest Pet Shop. Yes, I played too, that's what you do when your a mom of an only child! We read almost all of Sarah, Plain and Tall. I was able to plan out our Thanksgiving week study and organize my menu plans for the next few weeks.

Thursday: We played on the playground, had lunch with a friend and spent over an hour at the library reading. I was able to tentatively plan out the books and general flow of our Christmas studies. I will have to put some more work into this later, but a least I got a start!

Friday: We went to play with friend where we also painted pumpkins. Then we went trick-o-treating downtown. Princess wore a frog costume that her dad wore over 20 years ago, thanks grandma!

The thing is that I am more exhausted after a week off than I am at the end of a school week, go figure that one!

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Rhonda said...

I am glad you have had a fun week Paige! I'm sure the makeover was lots of fun for your Princess. There is nothing like making Mom over. :)
I'm glad you tried the pumpkin bread and liked it! I need to make some soon.
I've missed you this week but I am so glad you had a relaxing week. It will do you both a world of good.
Have a great week-end.