Thursday, October 2, 2008

Artist & Composer Studies

I have been researching artist and composer studies so that we can add art and music appreciation to our week. The more I study it, the easier it seems. At this age, 6yo, my goal is exposure to great artists and music. This year we will study three artists and three composers this way princess will have a chance to become familiar with their works. I am getting all of this off the internet for free, can't get better than that! I'll share what I have put together, with a great deal of help from AO Artist and Composer lists, in hopes that it will help someone. (Our terms are not all 12 weeks because we only had 30 weeks of school left when I put this together, next year it will be!)

Ok, so it wouldn't cut and paste well. I'll post pictures of the pages and you can click to enlarge. I may post this over on my yahoo group later on.

Update: These are now posted at the yahoo group in the files under other homeschooling helps.

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Rhonda said...

I've been using the AO schedule for art and it has been going well. I need to look into the composer study and hope to do that this week-end so I can get that together. I need to check out your Yahoo group.:)
I posted the Sweet Potato Bread recipe this morning.
~Have a wonderful day.