Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekly Report 9/22/08-9/26/08

We just finished week 7 and things are going well. Here's our week in review...

Language Arts--We are trying a new format with FLL. I have taken the definitions that we are learning and applying them to copywork. This is working so much better. In fact princess is able to identify several pronouns and most nouns well. This week she read two books(I have only planned one a week) so now she is three books ahead of my schedule. I'm going to have to add some more books!

Math--We spent the week reviewing addition with Singapore 2A. Princess is doing well and enjoying all the games that are scheduled in the home instructor's guide. She doesn't realize that she's doing math!

History--We studied Sargon and Hammurabi this week. Princess made her own seal and code of law. Both were fun projects. In the picture you can see her code of law and her seal at the bottom.

Science--We studied several animals and did an experiment on ear size. Here's a picture of the food chart that we have been working on. It includes all the animals we studied so far. Also be sure to check out our outdoor hour challenge post below to see about our nature study for this week.

Electives--This week we began our artist study with Renoir, one of my favorite artist. Princess seemed to really enjoy this, we'll see how it goes. We also did an art project in which we drew our favorite 5 objects with the most favorite being bigger and more prominent. Princess did a great job!

Hope you had a great week, too!


Rhonda said...

Paige: You consistently have such good reports! :)
Yay for your daughter being ahead of the reading schedule. That sort of thing feels so good.
That is a very nice Code of Law-Hammarabi style. We studied him in Mystery of History and that was such an interesting lesson.
Love the art work-very nice.

Paige said...


Thanks for your kind words!