Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just one of those days!

This is so you all can laugh today...

Ok, so when I got up this morning it started like normal, I had some quiet time, I listened to a lecture for my class and then I went to get on the internet and I get this message that Verizon has cut me off , which is strange because we use auto-pay. Oh well, call hubby, he'll handle it, after 45 min on the phone it's still not fixed they don't know why, call back later they say. Sigh and move on, get princess up, eat breakfast and go to do the dishes and there is no water because they are working on the plumbing in the building but failed to let us know that ! Ok, no water, no internet, we are taking the dog for a walk! Get home, do some school, then rush around to pack a picnic lunch and stuff for our nature study. We are on our way out the door when I call hubby to let him know that he can meet us at the pond for lunch. He asks, have you looked outside. I say no, why? It's raining he replies ! Ok change of plans, we decide to take lunch and meet hubby at work, as I drive up to his building I realize I left lunch at home . So we grab lunch at a sub shop around the corner. Go home and find that the dog has gotten a hold of my box of business cards and chewed them up , 300 card chewed up all over my living room. Thanks alot, princess and I clean it up. A few minutes later, princess and I are in the kitchen talking and we hear strange noises coming from her room , not good. The dog has gotten ahold of a grass nest that princess made in a plastic cup and now there is grass all over my princess's room . The dog gets a one-way ticket to her crate for the rest of the day because I can't take any more! I clean up the grass muttering tommorrow's another day, tommorrow another day, tommorrow's another day, tommorrow's another day, princess just stares.

I think that I'm just having one of those out of sync days , can you relate? At least it's kinda funny now that my internet works!

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Rhonda said...

Yes, I've had days like that when I can not wait to just get everyone in bed!! So sorry you had "one of those days!"
~May today be blessed and sunny and wonderful!! :)