Monday, August 11, 2008

Education of me update

With our move the education of me project kinda fell by the wayside, but I am determined not to keep it that way! I am enjoying what I am learning, here's an update...

What I've done over the last two weeks...
  1. Epic of Gigamesh--I finished the book and journaled everyday that I read. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was an interesting story, but I don't feel the version I read will be good for my daughter in first grade, maybe when we revisit ancient history during the logic stage. I have borrowed a much more gentle version from a friend and that's what we will use this year.
  2. History of the Ancient World--I love the way Susan Wise Bauer presents history! I actually have enjoyed reading it and have learned so much. I'm hoping to be able to re-read this another time so I can glean even more from it.
  3. Lugalbanda--I hadn't planned on reading this, but a friend told me about it being older than Gilgamesh, so I was intrigued. I read a very easy children's version and I found it to be a great story. We will be adding this to our reading this year.

What I'm planning on doing this week...
  1. History of the Ancient World--pgs. 328-430
  2. The Pharoah's of Ancient Egypt--pgs. 3-80

I am really enjoying this process. My brain is being fed new information and having to work at processing it which is always a good thing! Thanks for reading!

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