Thursday, June 19, 2008

Next year and our SOTW history notebook

I have been busy planning, planning, planning. Which I do love to do! I have all the books now and my teacher's notebook is put together. It includes the Core 1 IG, my plan sheets for math, LA, SOTW and electives, plus my science plans sheets. They are divided by week and all the important resource info for that week is behind the plans. I'm hoping this will make my life easier! I like the idea of having it all in one place. You can see our curriculum plans for 2008-2009 on the sidebar to the right.

Princess will have 3 notebooks; science, history and LA. Her science notbooks is put together, since we are using my biology plans. You can see what the notebook looks like here, it's the second two pages. I just finished her history notebook. Since I always enjoy see what others have done, here is our SOTW History Notebook (you can see my SOTW plans here)...

The cover and book review page (this is for the books we read in addition to Story of the World).

The narration page(for each section of SOTW, I got most of the pictures from here, its a very useful website!) and the copywork page (for each chapter-I can't remember where I got the list, but thank you for whoever put it together! I just typed them out on Zane-Blouser website and here they are) Finally, the project page(these are to document the projects we will do from the activity guide).

I am looking forward to seeing these completed! Now, I'm off to finish the LA notebook!


Tina said...

Wow! wonderful SOTW Notebooking pages! I love it!


Tabatha said...

This is awesome! I printed your schedule for SL 1 SOTW. Anyway you can show more of your Ancient History notebook? I would like to try and do something like yours. I looked at your science curriculum and I think I will do it 2009-2010 for first grade. Are you going to try out Writing With Ease by SWB?

Paige said...


Thanks for the compliment. If you email me at info@elemental, I'll try to get you more of the notebook. I think I might put templates up on the website with the plans, but that might take a while!

We were going to try out WWE and I might still buy the book, but when I sat down and looked at all the copywork and narrations I had planned I thought that WWE might be overkill. Instead I added a little bit of copywork from the Favorite Poems book used in SL Core 1.

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