Friday, April 25, 2008

Used Curriculum for sale

Here's what I have available, I will include shipping if you take more than $50 worth of stuff. I accept paypal. Please leave a comment or email me at if you are interested!

Sonlight LA1 package ($25) --includes guide with handwriting schedule is written in pen throughout, but pencil marks have been erased, includes extra copywork print out, missing story starter pictures and activity sheets #1-12, 14, 16-21, 23; also includes Sonlights LA1 games and Language and Thinking Skills

Sonlight Gr.1 Readers Schedule (SOLD)

Sonlight Core C(now K)-2007 IG (SOLD) --there are a few pen marks throughout, all the pencil marks have been erased --still using, will be available May 24th!!

Sonlight Core C(now K)-History 5-day books (SOLD) --All books are in good condition, they have the pink Core stickers on the bindings, includes the following, Usborne Children's Encyclopedia, Hero Tales, Living Long Ago, Wild Places, Granny Han's Breakfast --still using, will be availble May 24th!!
Sonlight Sing the Word! From A to Z (SOLD) --part of Core C(now K) Bible program, excellent condition

Sonlight Core 1 History Books (SOLD) --includes Usborne People and Places and Houses and Homes, both in like-new condition

Usborne Book of World Geography (SOLD) -- like-new condition
Hooked On Phonics: (will combince all five HOP levels for $45)
HOP yellow level ($10) -- includes readers, guide book, word play flashcards and parent guide. This is now the kindergarten level

HOP orange level ($10) --includes readers, guide book, tape and phonics chart. This is now the first half of the first grade level.

HOP red level ($10) --includes readers, guide book, flashcards, and phonics chart. This is now the second half of the first grade level.

HOP green & blue level ($20) --includes readers, guide book, flashcards and phonics chart. This is now the complete second grade level.

Science Resources:
Singapore Start-up Science Books 1-4 (SOLD) -- Book 1 is half used, but other three are untouched.

Harcourt Science Textbooks Gr. 1, 2, 3, 4 ($3 for each) --these are used school textbooks, but are in good condition Math: (SOLD)
Singapore PM 1A Teacher's Guide --some pencil writing, otherwise great condition
Singapore PM 1A textbook --like-new condition

Abeka: (SOLD)
Abeka K4 teachers guide for reading and writing --some pencil marks throughout but in good condition
Abeka K4 teachers guide for numbers (math) --some pencil marks throughout but in good condition

Abeka K4 manuscript teacher's guide --like-new condition
Abeka Number/picture flashcards
Abeka letter/picture flashcards

Abeka Little Owl Book 3-8

Abeka K4 charts and games -- this include all the phonics/math charts and games for K4, it also includes the games that you have to make to go with the program!, everything is cut out and prepped for you to use. (missing calendar)

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