Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekly Report-Week 27 SL Core C

We had a quick week because we doubled up on Wednesday so that we could take off this Friday! I spent my free time this week researching curriculum, why do I do this? What we have is working and I had plenty of things I needed to be doing, like finishing my next curriculum, but there I was. This past week I have been very intrigued by Tapestry of Grace, I have come to the conclusion that in our current situation it's not a good fit for now. So we are going to stick with Sonlight, which by the way I am very happy with! I am posting this publically so that I can't change my mind again. Whatever happened to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Anyways, here's a recap of princess' week, sorry no pics because the camera grew legs and walked off!

LA: We spent the week going back over HOP red books to help princess gain more confidence in her reading. When we did them the first time, it took her all week to read one book. This week we read a book a day. She was excited to see how much progress she has really made.

Math: Princess is making strides with her math facts and skip counting. We started subtraction again and it's going much better. I feel more equipped to teach the Singapore way this time around and princess is really making the connections between addition and subtration. I am so glad that we decided to repeat 1A!

History: We finished mountains this week and are looking forward to deserts next week. Also princess has really been enjoying Wizard of Oz, we are about half way through the book. It's so much better than the movie and I am so glad that we are reading it.

Science: We are still studying plants using the plans I have written. This week we studied nuts, cones and spores. Princess enjoyed taking apart a pine cone and seeing what was inside. It's so need to see her fall in love we science.

Hope you had a wonderful week too! Blessings...


Tina said...

I agree... I used to hop around all the time. But finally decided to stick with what works. Believe me it too me many years to learn this. :o)

I need to cut a pinecone in 1/2 fo the kids. They would enjoy that too. :o) Since we have been doing the nature studies, they are always wanting to see what is inside.

Have a Blessed Easter!


LisaWA said...

Hi Paige... good for you, sticking to what works.... its so hard sometimes... *Ü* I will remind you if you get curriculum envy! (wink) This happens to me every year! lol

We are beginning a nature study focus on plants. This week we planted our starts.... and read about plants in the Hand Book of Nature study. We will focus on garden flowers and garden vegetables. It will be an interesting 8 weeks!

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday! Have a super week!